NCREC's permanent education rules effective July 1, 2020 now allow ALL education, prelicensing, postlicensing and continuing education* to be offered in-person, synchronously, or asynchronously (excluding the Update course that must be taken in-person or synchronously).
Carolina School of Real Estate plans to deliver all currently scheduled pre license and post license classes via Zoom meetings. You will receive an invitation via email to attend the meeting and once you accept, the rest is fairly automatic. You must have access to a computer and to a stable internet throughout the 4-8 hour class, as applicable. 
What is "synchronous education"? It is where the instructor and students are separated by location, but not time; in other words, the instructor will be hosting the class from one location, and each student will view it from home or wherever they wish. Students will see the Powerpoints on their monitor and hear the instructor, but may not be able to see the instructor or vice-versa. Students can submit questions to the instructor.
You will be notified if the dates of your currently-scheduled class change.  If you have questions or wish to reschedule, please email Lane at or text Lane at 336-391-2910

How to Get a Real Estate Broker License in NC


Prelicensing Courses

Want to become a licensed Real Estate Agent? Take our prelicensing course to get ready for an exciting career in Real Estate!

Let our experienced real estate instructors prepare you for the North Carolina Real Estate License Exam.

We offer weekend and evening courses to fit any schedule!


*Price Includes Textbook

Postlicensing Courses

Need to complete your real estate licensure requirements? Our postlicensing courses will provide you with the training you need.

Taught by professionals with years of experience in the real estate business, our courses provide up-to-date training necessary for provisional brokers to obtain full broker status.


*Textbook Sold Separately

Continuing Education

Obtaining the required annual continuing education credits offers agents the opportunity to stay updated with the latest topics facing real estate agents in today's market.

We will help guide you through any changes to rules and regulations in addition to other topics which have been approved by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission.


or 2 for $100

Online CE Courses

NEW! Take advantage of our new online courses that will provide you with the latest updates and topics with the utmost convenience.

Get the same quality of instruction while working on your own schedule. The online courses available at CSRE will help prepare you by keeping you up to date with the latest topics.



Self-Paced Courses

NEW! Give our Self-Paced learning options a try!

We have self paced courses for:

  • Prelicensing
  • Postlicensing
  • Continuing Education


Upcoming Courses



5:30 PM
Broker Prelicensing
Instructor: Nancy Legg
9:00 AM
Broker Prelicensing
Instructor: Anne Rasheed


9:00 AM
Broker Postlicensing - Contracts and Closing (302)
Instructor: Patricia A. Moylan, J.D.
11:30 AM

Continuing Education

8:30 AM
General Mandatory Update
Instructor: Anne Rasheed
8:30 AM
BIC Update Course (BICUP - BIC's only)
Instructor: Patricia A. Moylan, J.D.

Professional Development

NEW! Check out our professional development courses:

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What do our students say?

Nancy's stories and everything she shared with us made it so relatable! She gave us so many different examples and offered her personal number if we needed anything! Her patience and attention to detail were awesome! My favorite part about her was held down to earth and relatable she was….

  - Pre-Licensing Student (06/2022)

I know this is about the class but I want to take a moment and recognize Lane and all the fast, hard work she does. She is one of the best directors I've met. 10/10 would recommend the school.

  - Pre-Licensing Student (08/2022)

Julie not only had the knowledge, but also the ability to make it make sense. She had amazing time management skills, keeping the little stuff short and the important stuff with appropriate length. She would make class fun and enjoyable at the same time. This was hands down the best class

  - Pre-Licensing Student (08/2022)

This was my second time taking the pre-licensing course at Carolina School of Real Estate. Lane makes everything so easy. Julie Campbell is an incredible teacher. She genuinely cares that you understand the material. She’s patient and understanding. Anytime I had a question, I would email or text her and she would respond as soon as she was able to. And her responses were well thought out. Carolina School of Real Estate truly provides you with an overwhelming amount of resources to help you get your license. I am so excited about my future and I will always recommend Carolina School of Real Estate to anyone who is looking to get their license in NC. Thank you, Julie, for being so awesome. I look forward to seeing you in post-licensing.

  - Pre-Licensing Student (05/2022)

Julie is an exceptional instructor. Her approach to training allowed me to work full time, study real-estate at night and pass the exam on the first try.

  - Pre-Licensing Student (05/2022)

I have enjoyed all my instructors with Carolina School of RE but I have to say that Anne is my most favorite and I hope to take more classes from her in the future.

  - Post-Licensing Student (05/2022)