Prelicensing Courses

Want to become a licensed Real Estate Agent? Take our prelicensing course to get ready for an exciting career in Real Estate!

Let our experienced real estate instructors prepare you for the North Carolina Real Estate License Exam.

We offer weekend and evening courses to fit any schedule!


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Postlicensing Courses

Need to complete your real estate licensure requirements? Our postlicensing courses will provide you with the training you need.

Taught by professionals with years of experience in the real estate business, our courses provide up-to-date training necessary for provisional brokers to obtain full broker status.


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Continuing Education

Obtaining the required annual continuing education credits offers agents the opportunity to stay updated with the latest topics facing real estate agents in today's market.

We will help guide you through any changes to rules and regulations in addition to other topics which have been approved by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission.


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Online CE Courses

NEW! Take advantage of our new online courses that will provide you with the latest updates and topics with the utmost convenience.

Get the same quality of instruction while working on your own schedule. The online courses available at CSRE will help prepare you by keeping you up to date with the latest topics.



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9:00 AM
Broker Prelicensing
Instructor: Kim Stotesbury
9:00 AM
Broker Prelicensing
Instructor: Julie Campbell

Continuing Education

Real Thoughts of a Realtor

Being a Realtor Can Be Tough
By Brent White
I’m not going to sugar coat it. Being a Realtor can be a tough job. “Sure,” you scoff. “You get to make your own schedule and show cool houses for a living.” If only it were that simple. The last... Read More
Why I became a Realtor
By Brent White
As it was not very long ago that I undertook to make this decision myself, I thought it might be valuable if I shared my thoughts and reasoning to those of you who are still contemplating this career... Read More

What do our students say?

Patricia's precision of detail and focus on legal issues, will help me safeguard my future as a broker. I enjoy her stories and relative examples as reference.

  - Post-licensing Student (5/2019)

Julie and Lane,
I am very happy to report that this morning I passed THE Test. Both sections. I attribute much of my success to my instructor and the school as well. I appreciate your assistance and support.

  - Pre-licensing Student (4/2019)

I passed both the national and state test yesterday the first time. Thank you, Julie, for all your help and encouragement. I feel like the night 3 day a week shorter class format helped me pass.

  - Pre-licensing student (3/2019)

Patricia had the answers to most, if not all of the class' real estate license law or commission rule questions! If she ever didn't, she was able to quickly respond with follow-up research and a statute law or commission rule answer. I can't imagine, think, or know of any other instructor or person I would rather have teaching NC Real Estate Laws, Rules, & Legal Concepts than a co-author of the NC Real Estate Manual that reviews, exemplifies, and explains these laws, rules, and concepts in a lay, practical, and real-world way as a reference, resource, and guide for real estate broker practice.

  - Post-licensing Student (3/2019)

I am so grateful for the opportunity to take the pre-licensing class with Carolina School of Real Estate and extremely happy that I passed yesterday! What a relief. I made the decision to register 3 days prior the 1st day of class, and I am happy that I did it!

Kathy, you are an amazing instructor and facilitator!!! With so much information to share, you were engaging and fun, and made it all so much easier to understand. You exude confidence with your knowledge and I consider that I was taught by the BEST!!! Thank You!

Lane, you run a tight ship! You kept us organized, motivated, loaded with material and on point with where to find information and where to go for class. You have a kind spirit and made it easy to connect. Thank You!

You both ROCK!!!! I appreciate you!!!

  - Pre-licensing student (2/2019)

Tricia was the best instructor I have had the pleasure of taking a course with, and I appreciate all the knowledge and first hand experiences she shared with us. Amazing class because of her!

  - Post-licensing Student (2/2019)