Prelicensing Courses

Want to become a licensed Real Estate Agent? Take our prelicensing course to get ready for an exciting career in Real Estate!

Let our experienced real estate instructors prepare you for the North Carolina Real Estate License Exam.

We offer weekend and evening courses to fit any schedule!


*Price Includes Textbook

Postlicensing Courses

Need to complete your real estate licensure requirements? Our postlicensing courses will provide you with the training you need.

Taught by professionals with years of experience in the real estate business, our courses provide up-to-date training necessary for provisional brokers to obtain full broker status.


*Textbook Sold Separately

Continuing Education

Obtaining the required annual continuing education credits offers agents the opportunity to stay updated with the latest topics facing real estate agents in today's market.

We will help guide you through any changes to rules and regulations in addition to other topics which have been approved by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission.


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Online CE Courses

NEW! Take advantage of our new online courses that will provide you with the latest updates and topics with the utmost convenience.

Get the same quality of instruction while working on your own schedule. The online courses available at CSRE will help prepare you by keeping you up to date with the latest topics.



Upcoming Courses



5:30 PM
Broker Prelicensing
Instructor: Julie Campbell
9:00 AM
Broker Prelicensing
Instructor: Julie Campbell


Continuing Education

8:30 AM
General Mandatory Update
Instructor: Patricia A. Moylan, J.D.
1:30 PM
Elective - Agency or Agony: Making the Right Choice
Instructor: Patricia A. Moylan, J.D.

Real Thoughts of a Realtor

Being a Realtor Can Be Tough
By Brent White
I’m not going to sugar coat it. Being a Realtor can be a tough job. “Sure,” you scoff. “You get to make your own schedule and show cool houses for a living.” If only it were that simple. The last... Read More
Why I became a Realtor
By Brent White
As it was not very long ago that I undertook to make this decision myself, I thought it might be valuable if I shared my thoughts and reasoning to those of you who are still contemplating this career... Read More

What do our students say?

Lane, Thank you for all you do to make the school a success. I have finished my 3rd class and passed. :) Patricia is the most fantastic teacher I have ever been around. I am super excited to have had her as my teacher for all 3 of my post license classes. See you all at the next CE.

  - Post-Licensing Student (09/2019)

Great school, Great Instructor, Great Director

  - Post-Licensing Student (9/2019)

This was an excellent experience overall. I wish I had taken all of my post-licensing classes with Carolina School of Real Estate. Tricia was an awesome instructor. Her knowledge base for the course material is virtually unparalleled, and she kept the class lively with her great sense of humor. Lane deserves a lot of credit as well. Everything for check-in was orderly, and her email communications notifying the class of changes, and providing us with materials, were always timely and thorough. The snacks and drinks were also a much-appreciated bonus. Providing those types of things is a fairly simple gesture that go a long way towards making the students feel that they are not just names on a roster.

  - Post-Licensing Student (08/2019)

I really enjoyed this class. Trisha is very knowledgeable and succinct. She is also very personable and gracious. There was no inquiry she did not make time to clarify.

  - Post-Licensing Student (08/2019)

I wanted to take a quick minute and share my appreciation for how pleasant the class was, even for back-to-back weekends. Tricia was FABULOUS!!!!! She did a great job of making complicated topics very simple for most everyone to easily understand. This is NOT an easy feat as you know. Her underlying knowledge, skills, abilities and experience would be quite intimidating if not for her very down to earth and sweet personality. Tricia is a great communicator and all around great individual. I’m extremely thankful to have learned under her direction and look forward to learning more from her in the future.
This was my first experience at the Carolina School of Real Estate as a whole, and I’m very pleased. Looking forward to completing 301 in September.

  - Post-Licensing Student (08/2019)

Patricia Moylan has great presence- kept class attention entire time Incredibly knowledgeable instructor. I enjoyed her anecdotes and her thought provoking questions. She also had a gift for encouraging the entire class to participate including me- who normally sits quietly and zones out after sitting still too long.

  - Post-Licensing Student (07/2019)