I just wanted to let you know I was VERY happy with the 303 post-licensing class taught by Patricia! She was very informative, used lots of examples and kept things interactive. The class time was well used and it felt like time flew by. I would truly give this zoom class and instructor 5 STARS!!!!

  - Post-Licensing Student (1/2024)

I recently completed my pre license class with Nancy on Sunday and I was able to have my license exam scheduled for this morning. I wanted to let you both know that I successfully passed both sections of the license exam. I wanted to thank you both for the resources and teaching that were provided. I’m looking forward to my future in real estate. Thank you both again!

  - Pre-Licensing Student (11/2023)

I want to say thank you! My class was so much better than I dreamed! My instructor was knowledgeable and experienced. She covered the topics in the book, and encouraged us to ask questions. I was very pleasantly surprised.
Thank you all very much!!!

  - CE Student (10/2023)

Anne is an amazing instructor, everything I learned in class helped me better understand the material. I was able to pass both my exams on the first try and I am so grateful for Annie’s method of teaching.

  - Post-Licensing Student (09/2023)

Anne is very interactive when teaching the material. She engages students in conversation with real life scenarios. Her personality is light and natural which makes time fly by. Best teacher I’ve had.

  - Pre-Licensing Student (08/2023)

Love the Carolina School of Real Estate! From Registration to Exam. following Lane's advice all the way through the process. Julie's video's and Anne's teachings worked hand and hand.

  - Pre-Licensing Student (08/2023)

Anne has a fantastic way of teaching, keeping us entertained as well as on topic. She would tell us stories or scenarios to better explain the topic, which was very beneficial. overall and amazing teacher and I wouldn’t have passed without her.

  - Pre-Licensing Student (08/2023)

Hello: Just wanted the school to know how much I enjoyed this class yesterday with Nancy Legg as our Instructor.
She was a pleasure to spend 4 hours with learning about so many topics included in this class. I especially liked the topic of Septic Tanks and Permits. Never before have I learned so much about these two subjects until now. She did a wonderful job presenting everything you should know about both topics. I hope to take more classes from her In the future.

  - CE Student (03/2023)

I am very satisfied with the school. I really felt like I learned much more in such a short period of time. Lane, you run the school with much professionalism and care about your faculty and students which is obvious by the way you interact and give of yourself to others. Annie is top notch! Fun, energetic with a sense of humor and a genuine caring instructor that is there for her students. Annie is the reason I am excited to pursue a career in real estate. I will keep in touch with her in the future since I am in Asheville/Blowing Rock quite a bit. Annie is an exemplary professional in the field with a genuine gift for teaching. Thank you both!

  - Post-Licensing Student (01/2023)

Lane, Annie and Jane (Tech person) are all personable knowledgable and willing to go the extra mile for the students Thank you for such an amazing experience.

  - Post-Licensing Student (1/2023)

School, course, and Nancy Legg very professional as well as knowledgeable…Very organized, answered questions in a timely manner…Course outline was great and loved learned test pass.

  - Pre-Licensing Student (11/2022)

So grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from Julie. I look forward to taking more classes with her in the future.

  - Pre-Licensing Student (11/2022)

Patricia Moylan is wonderful at breaking down the information when questions are asked. Making sure everyone understands the meaning and answers to all questions!

  - Post-Licensing Student (11/2022)

Nancy's stories and everything she shared with us made it so relatable! She gave us so many different examples and offered her personal number if we needed anything! Her patience and attention to detail were awesome! My favorite part about her was held down to earth and relatable she was….

  - Pre-Licensing Student (06/2022)

I know this is about the class but I want to take a moment and recognize Lane and all the fast, hard work she does. She is one of the best directors I've met. 10/10 would recommend the school.

  - Pre-Licensing Student (08/2022)

Julie not only had the knowledge, but also the ability to make it make sense. She had amazing time management skills, keeping the little stuff short and the important stuff with appropriate length. She would make class fun and enjoyable at the same time. This was hands down the best class

  - Pre-Licensing Student (08/2022)

This was my second time taking the pre-licensing course at Carolina School of Real Estate. Lane makes everything so easy. Julie Campbell is an incredible teacher. She genuinely cares that you understand the material. She’s patient and understanding. Anytime I had a question, I would email or text her and she would respond as soon as she was able to. And her responses were well thought out. Carolina School of Real Estate truly provides you with an overwhelming amount of resources to help you get your license. I am so excited about my future and I will always recommend Carolina School of Real Estate to anyone who is looking to get their license in NC. Thank you, Julie, for being so awesome. I look forward to seeing you in post-licensing.

  - Pre-Licensing Student (05/2022)

Julie is an exceptional instructor. Her approach to training allowed me to work full time, study real-estate at night and pass the exam on the first try.

  - Pre-Licensing Student (05/2022)

I have enjoyed all my instructors with Carolina School of RE but I have to say that Anne is my most favorite and I hope to take more classes from her in the future.

  - Post-Licensing Student (05/2022)

Anne is an excellent communicator and is very knowledgeable of RE. She is very interactive with the students and easy to understand and learn from.

  - Post-Licensing Student (05/2022)

Hey Lane! I wanted to reach out to you, to express my gratitude, on the opportunity I had in taking the pre license course with your company. Also, I wanted to let you know I passed both tests yesterday. I am excited about this new chapter and new path I am about to take. Thank you again.

  - Pre-Licensing Student (05/2022)

Thank you Julie & Lane for all of your help and support. I just passed the licensing exam and couldn’t be more excited.

  - Pre-Licensing Student (04/2022)

I just wanted to let you know both know how thankful I am for your teaching and school! I passed both state and national exams on the first attempt so thank you!!!!!

  - Pre-Licensing Student (03/2022)

Julie Campbell made sure we stayed focused and on topic throughout the whole course, strongly reminding us of what we needed to know and what we needed to remember. It is truly hard work, I can’t wait to take my state test. She has definitely opened me up to believing if you work hard and study and practice practice practice you can achieve true goals!

  - Pre-Licensing Student (12/2021)

I would highly recommend this course and Julie to anyone! She was always patient and always made herself available outside of class. She had real life stories to help us understand. She’s a total pro!

  - Pre-Licensing Student (12/2021)

Julie Campbell is very kind teacher always willing to help, favorite teacher I’ve had from this school.

  - Pre-Licensing Student (09/2021)

Hi Lane-
I just wanted to reach out to you and thank you for having phenomenal instructors. Nancy Legg is an amazing instructor. She took material that is complex, simply because of its nature, and made it relatable and understandable. I know I am better equipped to enter this profession with more confidence because of Nancy's class.
Thank you and your organization for providing top-notch instructors to prepare students to enter this profession.

  - Post-Licensing Student (09/2021)

I just want to say this is a great class and I can already tell how thorough it is and how well orchestrated it is. I took an online real estate course (self paced) from Jan to July of this year and it was really hard and very confusing. I never took the board b/c I was not prepared at all. I share this because unless you have a photographic memory, this material will take time and effort to learn. You cannot do it half hearted and expect to pass. I was highly overwhelmed w/the last course but so far in this one I actually feel there might be hope. So thanks Julie for being a great teacher already.

  - Pre-Licensing Student (09/2021)

Nancy is so knowledgeable and makes everything easy to understand. Always great examples and discussions!

  - Post-Licensing Student (08/2021)

I thought this class would be so boring but Patricia kept me engaged giving real life situations for every topic. I was really following her teaching.

  - Post-Licensing Student (06/2021)

Julie has many strengths! She is engaging, responsive and helpful, and super enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the subject matter. It is obvious that she wants her students to be successful, and wants to help them to succeed.

  - Pre-Licensing Student (05/2021)

I'm sad it's my last post class. You guys are amazing, been with you guys from pre licensing! Definitely recommend it to anyone needing real estate school!

  - Post-Licensing Student (02/2021)

I really enjoyed Julie as an instructor. She was very knowledgeable about the information and very helpful. She came to class every day in good spirits and ready to teach.

  - Pre-Licensing Student (11/2020)

Julie was outstanding!! I truly enjoyed her. She made hard material not so hard to digest. I am grateful to have had an instructor that was able to make this hard material fun; especially with utilizing the games for miniature quizzes!

  - Pre-Licensing Student (11/2020)

Julie's greatest strength was making the content relatable. She was very good at using real world experiences.

  - Pre-Licensing Student (11/2020)

Great teaching style and energy, very thorough and clear in communicating concepts in an approachable and easy to understand way! Great Class!

  - Post-Licensing Student (01/2021)

I really liked Nancy Legg. She has lots of knowledge and experience, and she seems to enjoy teaching. The school has been great! I have taken all my courses here!

  - Post-Licensing Student (10/2020)

Much higher than excellent. Julie made it very obvious that she was available to her students outside of class. I did contact Julie on several occasions and she was more than willing to help and always ended with an genuine offer to reconnect if the explanation wasn't completely understood. So grateful for her patience, it really helped me to grasp several concepts after the class ended.

  - Pre-Licensing Student (09/2020)

This is definitely a top ranked real estate school in NC and I'm glad that I found it on Google. If it wasn't for COVID-19 and them teaching through Zoom, I may not have had this experience because I stay so far away. Only suggestion I can make is after COVID-19 is over, continue to offer this avenue of learning so more people can enjoy the excellent instructors and quality learning you have to offer.

  - Post-Licensing Student (08/2020)

It is a great school with excellent instructors and I had an awesome experience.

  - Pre-Licensing Student (08/2020)

Ms. Nancy is very passionate about what she does and that shows up in her teaching. It makes her class very engaging. She is serious, but makes for a welcome/comfortable environment.

  - Pre-Licensing Student (08/2020)

Excellent school, never cancels even for small classes, excellent instructors, can't say enough about them!

  - Post-Licensing Student (07/2020)

Jane encourages and facilitates student participation and interaction. This is one reason why her classes are so interesting.

  - Post-Licensing Student (06/2020)

Julie did a great job completely reformatting an entire course. She made it entertaining and fun with her upbeat personality and ability to joke around and not be too serious all the time. I fully intend to continue my post-licensing education with this school.

  - Pre-Licensing Student (06/2020)

My preference, quite frankly, is a classroom situation, but Carolina School of Real Estate and Tricia rose to the challenge of adapting quickly and effectively to the online format required due to Covid.

  - Post-Licensing Student (06/2020)

Tricia was fantastic with us, calling us by name, recognizing our contributions, gently correcting us when we provided an incorrect answer. She was go good on Zoom - I’m sorry we couldn’t have had the class in person, because I can only imagine she would surpass herself.

  - Post-Licensing Student (06/2020)

Thank you all for the convenience of online classes, quick responses to my needs as a student and availability of courses during pandemic, Carolina School of RE absolutely ROCK!!!

  - Post-Licensing Student (06/2020)

Jane Bowser - Way to many to list. She is so knowledgeable and encourages interaction of students. Explains things so that its easy to comprehend and gives real examples. She is absolutely the best instructor

  - Post-Licensing Student (06/2020)

Julie did a great job completely reformatting an entire course. She made it entertaining and fun with her upbeat personality and ability to joke around and not be too serious all the time. I fully intend to continue my post-licensing education with this school.

  - Pre-Licensing Student (06/2020)

I very much enjoyed the class. Julie kept it interesting while covering the tons of material and the Youtube videos were great to review when I struggled with topics. I passed my exam-both parts- on the first try so I am grateful that she was my instructor.

  - Pre-Licensing Student (06/2020)

Hi Julie,
Just wanted to send a heartfelt thank you. I would hug you if I could. I took the licensing exam this morning and passed both parts. YAY!!!
I did as you instructed and kept studying every day even if it was just to review my flash cards for twenty minutes in the morning. Those YouTube videos came in handy too. For those challenging chapters, I was able to listen to you on my way to and from wherever I was going. It was like you never left me :) I took the quizzes over. And it was worth it.. so glad to have this part of my journey done

  - Pre-Licensing Student (06/2020)

I loved Aneka! She is very personable - great deal of knowledge, expertise, and her personal real estate stories made the class very interesting. Highly recommended!

  - Post-Licensing Student (06/2020)

Jane's ability to translate the subject matter in a "down to earth", "matter of fact" manner.

  - Pre-Licensing Student (05/2020)

Patricia was phenomenal best instructor I have had in my 14 years of career. She was very knowledgeable.

  - CE Student (06/2020)

Tricia - she knows the law and has great experience from her years. She’s extremely knowledgeable and very humorous! Jane - technologically savvy, also very knowledgeable . I loved the online learning system!

  - Post-Licensing Student (03/2020)

I am so thankful that Carolina School of Real Estate was able to accommodate students during the COVID pandemic.

  - Post-Licensing Student (03/2020)

My first class at Carolina School of Real Estate but will be my future School of choice.

  - Post-Licensing Student (03/2020)

I'm writing to let you know that Tricia Moylan was an excellent instructor for my recent post-license course (Broker Relationships and Responsibilities). She kept the course interesting, was engaged with the students and has a wonderful personality. She explained complex theoretical examples in a pragmatic fashion which was conducive to learning. I would highly recommend taking her post-license 301 course to anyone who is considering signing up for it.

  - Post-Licensing Student (02/2020)

Aneka is awesome. This is my second class with her. She is very thorough and really helps you understand the material.

  - Post-Licensing Student (02/2020)

Dr. Jane Bowser is awesome. She sticks to a schedule (important for this Recovering OCD Type A). I hope she continues sharing real world experiences. That where the real educational experience lies. She represents the school very well.

  - Post-Licensing Student (01/2020)

This is my third review for Carolina School of Real Estate and I don't know how to thank them enough for all they do! Lane is sweet, polite and very welcoming. She is very easy to reach at any time and willing to help with any issue or answer any question. I took all 3 of my classes with Ms. Patricia Moylan - one of the most intelligent women I had the great pleasure of meeting. Her knowledge of every subject and teaching tactic make classes engaging, intriguing and exciting, believe it or not! I have looked forward to every single class. I don't have enough good words for them both! I'm happy yet bittersweet that I finished. Would highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks for all you do!

  - Post-Licensing Student (01/2020)

I was very pleased with the entire experience and school. I knew it would be difficult and I was told I wasn't smart enough to pass the first time. I do believe with another instructor that may have been the case. Julie was clear, stayed on topic, and didn't sugar coat the importance of time and effort needed in the class and in the industry. Thank you for everything!

  - Pre-Licensing Student (01/2020)

Julie’s greatest strength is her deep understanding of the material, and how she can explain it using real world, familiar examples. Julie Is very passionate about the details and it is obvious that she wants every student to succeed. Julie is a very valuable asset to CSRE.

  - Pre-Licensing Student (12/2019)

I recently completed my prelicensure coursework through the Carolina School of Real Estate (instructor: Julie Campbell), and passed the NC licensure exam on the first attempt.

CSRE's curriculum coupled with Julie's passion and knowledge of the material creates a learning environment that prepares students for success. The teaching style is generally Power Point-based, however, interactive activities, games, and discussions are also implemented to reach those with different learning styles. A cram course is also offered to prepare students for the class exam. Jane Bowser's cram course is exceptionally helpful, as she touches on problem topics and overall exam preparation strategies/tips.

Lane Young, CSRE's director, sincerely wants students to succeed. This desire is illustrated in many ways, from the well-organized syllabus, to clear communication with students prior to the start of class, to the snacks and refreshments provided for students in the classroom to enjoy during class and breaks.

The prelicensure course is not a passive experience - you must read the textbook, and you must attend class. If you treat this class seriously, and put in the appropriate effort, CSRE will more than prepare you for success on the state and national licensure exam!

  - Pre-Licensing Student (10/2019)

I took 302 with Carolina School with Patricia. When I saw I could get in for 301, I jumped on the opportunity. I took 303 with another organization and it was ok but the class was priced higher and they have absolutely bombarded my inbox with offers since then. I will definitely return to this school for my continuing ed! Thanks for your great programs and varied schedules.

  - Post-Licensing Student (10/2019)

My second post licensing class with Patricia Moylan and I am more than happy with her unique way of teaching and her knowledge on every subject. Post licensing has been a great experience at Carolina School of Real Estate so far! Looking forward to my third & last!

  - Post-Licensing Student (10/2019)

Kathy Casa was very knowledgeable about the pre-licensing subject matter and as a working professional she was able to relate the information to us in easy to understand ways.

  - Pre-Licensing Student (09/2019)

Jane engages the whole class and doesn’t single out anyone or put them on the spot. Makes learning enjoyable!!

  - Post-Licensing Student (09/2019)

Jane is knowledge of many areas. Very engaging and attentive. I got the feeling she was really interested in our questions and concerns.

  - Post-Licensing Student (09/2019)

Patricia Moylan is the BEST instructor...period!

  - Post-Licensing Student (09/2019)

Absolutely satisfied with every aspect of this training. Top notch service and attention to detail. I have never been more impressed with and instructor (Patricia Moylan).

  - Post-Licensing Student (09/2019)

Carolina School of Real estate is top of its class. Lane and Patricia are the best.

  - Post-Licensing Student (09/2019)

Lane, Thank you for all you do to make the school a success. I have finished my 3rd class and passed. :) Patricia is the most fantastic teacher I have ever been around. I am super excited to have had her as my teacher for all 3 of my post license classes. See you all at the next CE.

  - Post-Licensing Student (09/2019)

Great school, Great Instructor, Great Director

  - Post-Licensing Student (9/2019)

This was an excellent experience overall. I wish I had taken all of my post-licensing classes with Carolina School of Real Estate. Tricia was an awesome instructor. Her knowledge base for the course material is virtually unparalleled, and she kept the class lively with her great sense of humor. Lane deserves a lot of credit as well. Everything for check-in was orderly, and her email communications notifying the class of changes, and providing us with materials, were always timely and thorough. The snacks and drinks were also a much-appreciated bonus. Providing those types of things is a fairly simple gesture that go a long way towards making the students feel that they are not just names on a roster.

  - Post-Licensing Student (08/2019)

I really enjoyed this class. Trisha is very knowledgeable and succinct. She is also very personable and gracious. There was no inquiry she did not make time to clarify.

  - Post-Licensing Student (08/2019)

I wanted to take a quick minute and share my appreciation for how pleasant the class was, even for back-to-back weekends. Tricia was FABULOUS!!!!! She did a great job of making complicated topics very simple for most everyone to easily understand. This is NOT an easy feat as you know. Her underlying knowledge, skills, abilities and experience would be quite intimidating if not for her very down to earth and sweet personality. Tricia is a great communicator and all around great individual. I’m extremely thankful to have learned under her direction and look forward to learning more from her in the future.
This was my first experience at the Carolina School of Real Estate as a whole, and I’m very pleased. Looking forward to completing 301 in September.

  - Post-Licensing Student (08/2019)

Patricia Moylan has great presence- kept class attention entire time Incredibly knowledgeable instructor. I enjoyed her anecdotes and her thought provoking questions. She also had a gift for encouraging the entire class to participate including me- who normally sits quietly and zones out after sitting still too long.

  - Post-Licensing Student (07/2019)

This was my last post-licensing course. I took two of my post-licensing courses with Aneka and if more post-licensing were required I would continue to take every class that Aneka instructs. Aneka is a great teacher and a great thinker. She was patient with all of the students the entire course and really has a talent understanding different student's questions and answers on the course material.

  - Post-Licensing Student (06/2019)

Well Nancy Legg is an expert of real estate. She seems to have a high bar for ethics and really stressed to the class the do’s and don’ts. Stay out of real estate jail. Lol. Guys I think she’s a keeper as an instructor I would definitely take a class with her again.

  - Post-Licensing Student (06/2019)

Patricia's precision of detail and focus on legal issues, will help me safeguard my future as a broker. I enjoy her stories and relative examples as reference.

  - Post-licensing Student (5/2019)

Julie and Lane,
I am very happy to report that this morning I passed THE Test. Both sections. I attribute much of my success to my instructor and the school as well. I appreciate your assistance and support.

  - Pre-licensing Student (4/2019)

I passed both the national and state test yesterday the first time. Thank you, Julie, for all your help and encouragement. I feel like the night 3 day a week shorter class format helped me pass.

  - Pre-licensing student (3/2019)

Patricia had the answers to most, if not all of the class' real estate license law or commission rule questions! If she ever didn't, she was able to quickly respond with follow-up research and a statute law or commission rule answer. I can't imagine, think, or know of any other instructor or person I would rather have teaching NC Real Estate Laws, Rules, & Legal Concepts than a co-author of the NC Real Estate Manual that reviews, exemplifies, and explains these laws, rules, and concepts in a lay, practical, and real-world way as a reference, resource, and guide for real estate broker practice.

  - Post-licensing Student (3/2019)

I am so grateful for the opportunity to take the pre-licensing class with Carolina School of Real Estate and extremely happy that I passed yesterday! What a relief. I made the decision to register 3 days prior the 1st day of class, and I am happy that I did it!

Kathy, you are an amazing instructor and facilitator!!! With so much information to share, you were engaging and fun, and made it all so much easier to understand. You exude confidence with your knowledge and I consider that I was taught by the BEST!!! Thank You!

Lane, you run a tight ship! You kept us organized, motivated, loaded with material and on point with where to find information and where to go for class. You have a kind spirit and made it easy to connect. Thank You!

You both ROCK!!!! I appreciate you!!!

  - Pre-licensing student (2/2019)

Tricia was the best instructor I have had the pleasure of taking a course with, and I appreciate all the knowledge and first hand experiences she shared with us. Amazing class because of her!

  - Post-licensing Student (2/2019)

Patricia Moylan best teacher I had at this school. Love this school. Lane is awesome as well.

  - Post-licensing Student (2/2019)

Patricia was such a good teacher, I loved her passion and she was just a walking book of knowledge. I am so glad I found this school!

  - Post-licensing Student (1/2019)

Amber/Lane, I wanted to let you know that I passed both parts of the exam today on my first try. I wanted to say thank you for a great class and making passing the exam easier. Now onto the post licensing classes… Thank you

  - Pre-licensing student (12/2018)

I have had such a great experience with Carolina School of Real Estate. I've taken my pre-licensing course with CSRE and now I'm taking my Postlicensing classes (all 3 post). All the instructors have been awesome!

  - Post-licensing Student (11/2018)

Carolina School of Real Estate & Instructors give thorough instruction of material and aim for complete success of all students.

  - Pre-licensing student (11/2018)

Lane and Amber do everything above and beyond their call to make sure each student has what they need to be successful in this course

  - Pre-licensing Student (11/2018)

If you are looking to get your real estate license, you should definitely consider Carolina School of Real Estate. I was very impressed with the personal attention given by Instructor Julie Aites and Executive Director Lane Young at the Carolina School of Real Estate. They were always quick to answer emails, even on the weekends, and they really spent time making sure I understood the materials.

  - N.T. - Pre-licensing Student (10/2018)

Nancy has real life examples of subject being taught. It is easy to understand concepts. I look forward to taking more classes with Carolina School of Real Estate.

  - Postlicensing Student (09/2018)

Nancy Legg is extremely knowledgeable and conveys that knowledge in a way that makes sense to us newbies!

  - Postlicensing Student (09/2018)

Just a note of thanks for the educational training that Carolina Real Estate School provided me. As a 70 year old person who had no prior real estate experience, the classes were stressful! During the first few weeks of classes; I felt like I was drinking water from a fire hose. There was so much information and all the real estate terminology was so different. Yet, our instructor (Kim Stotesbury) provided excellent support and encouragement for us to work hard and study. As the class neared its end, I feel the many class tests certainly help develop the skills and knowledge to meet the demands required to pass that final school test.

As you know, I went on and passed the National and N. C. State exams on the first try. I am certain that my success was due to the excellent material presented and your staff of qualified instructors.

  - K.D. (09/2018)

As a student who has taken this course elsewhere, Ms. Kim is 10 times better. I actually understand the subject and am feeling very confident about the test. Thank you all!

  - Pre-licensing student (08/2018)

I have really enjoyed my time in this pre-licensing course. I've learned a lot and would definitely recommend the class and school to others!

  - K.R. (08/2018)

Overall, I really enjoyed coming to this school. It has a fun and safe environment. Kim is very intelligent and gives many examples for us to understand better. She seems like she really enjoys teaching us and is very helpful and caring. One of the best classes and instructor I've ever had.

  - Prelicensing Student (08/2018)

Nancy Legg does a wonderful job of keeping the class engaged. She is a rockstar. Wonderful school and instructors!

  - Post-licensing Student (4/2018)

Julie was a very good instructor. She was clear and gave good examples. We were given plenty of practice and review so we had the skills to successfully complete this class and go on to be strong, informed brokers. 

  - C.S. (2/2018)

Aneka is a great teacher. Time goes by very fast with her and I learn something every class.

  - C.J. (11/2017)

Aneka demonstrates a mastery of effective communication. Her knowledge of the topics discussed is excellent.

  - K.M. (11/2017)

Nancy Legg is a great instructor. I've passed both sections of the state exam on the first try!

  - L.B. (3/2017)

I passed state exam last week. Thanks for all your help!I just took, and passed (!!!!), the state exam this Thursday. Planning my next steps as we speak, and so excited to get moving!

  - K.V. (3/2017)

I passed state exam last week. Thanks for all your help!

  - J.P. (3/2017)

I am sure you hear this often but I wanted to let you know what a fantastic instructor Aneka is. She does such a great job presenting the material and keeping everyone engaged. Aneka always conducts herself with the utmost level of professionalism but that sense of humor of hers is an added bonus!

  - J.H. (3/2017)

I wanted to let you know that i passed my National and State exam last week. Thank you for helping me and sending me material. I really appreciate it!

  - B.B. (3/2017)

Hey!!! Just wanted to let you know ......... I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited.

  - D.D. (3/2017)

Hello Lane, Hope you are doing well. I am happy to let you know that I have passed the exam today. Thanks for your support and help in last couple of months.

  - S. A. (3/2017)

I finished in an hour and a half - the proctor couldn't believe I hadn't taken it before!  Ha!  I told her I went to the best school.  Anyway - just wanted to pass on the good news and say thanks again.  Hopefully I'll see you around!

  - S.M-H (3/2017)

Hello Mrs. Lane. I just wanted to let you know that I passed my state test. Prep License Book was really helpful. Especially for prepping for the questions that will be on the test.

  - CH (1/2017)

Dear Lane & John,
Just thought I'd let you both know that I passed the national & state exam today on my first try! Thanks to you both!

  - MJ (1/2017)

Hey Lane! I took Aneka’s class this past spring. Best class ever!

  - SM (09/2016)

Real life experiences added significant value to the learning. 5 stars is not enough. Thank you for a great class.

  - AM (8/2016)

I am pleased to say I passed both the national and state portions of the Real Estate Exam today. Thank-you, Aneka, and John for helping me achieve this goal. The tip about carefully reviewing the commission rules was very helpful. Thanks again and I look forward to meeting you in the future.

  - BW (6/2016)

I just want to send to you a quick note of thanks for the great classes on Saturday. Dr. Long made the general update as painless as possible. But the ethics classes is one of the most interesting classes I have had and she made it very enjoyable. I just wanted to pass on a note of thanks and hopeful, I'll see you again soon.

  - MO (5/2016)

Deborah Long is very knowledgeable and she knows the material like no one else. The way she teaches the class is so engaging so it is no time to be bored. I am looking forward to taking her CE classes next year. Thank you Carolina School!

  - MA (3/2016)

Gives you the tools you need to succeed in real estate!
When I set my sights on a goal I always research the best path to get there. There was only one clear choice on where I could get the skills I needed. To be a realtor, I went to Carolina School of Real Estate. I received all the books and study guides I needed to succeed. I had to study hard to pass the class and the state exam on the first try, but it was the excellent course instructors who encouraged and help me succeed. Carolina Real Estate School will give you all the tools you need to reach your dreams of being a Realtor like me. In my first month as a realtor I listed and sold my first house. With this training, hard work, and ambition, I reached my goal. Will you?

  - AS (3/2016)

Carolina School Of Real Estate was GREAT! I took the weekend 4hr class with Jon. He was a great instructor with a lot of experience. He knew the book inside out. He taught us what we needed to know. It was stressful on all of us to be in class every weekend but it was worth it! I thought it was all common sense and boy was I was wrong! The class is a challenge so unless you put the time in do not waste your money. Jon encouraged us to read ahead and I'm glad I listened I now hold a provisional license. I will definitely take my post licensing courses here.
Thank you Carolina School Of Real Estate!

  - BW (2/2016)

I have attended other postlicensing classes from other real estate schools. This class was full of energy. Keep up the good work. I will be registering again for my last postlicensing class.

  - MW (12/2015)

I had a wonderful time during the Pre-licensing class and John Pridgen was great. He answered all our questions and got back to us with answers he didn't have. I will definitely be taking my continuing education classes at Carolina School of Real Estate.

  - JA (11/2015)

I just wanted to take a moment to say that you truly have a gem and strong asset in Aneka. She is thorough, entertaining and truly cares about her students. It's a combo that can't be imitated. I actually looked forward to attending a class that is basically dry material. I will be recommending your school in the future.
Thank you!

  - H.A. (9/2015)

"I took the weekend pre-licensing class at Carolina School of Real Estate and can't recommend it enough. As somebody with a full time job, the weekend class was the only one I could find that worked for my schedule. It was a ton of information in a short amount of time, but Aneka was able to keep the class interesting with her great sense of humor. My experience in the class was nothing but positive. At the end, I passed both the class exam and the state license exam on the first try! I will absolutely be coming back for my post-licensing and CE courses."

  - J.G. (6/2015)

"From the day I registered with Lane Young, until I was handed my Certificate qualifying me to take the state exam, Lane & Aneka Bartley were always there for me. Providing the support and direction needed as I started my new career in Real Estate. Since passing the state exam in April, I have gone ahead and prepaid for my next 3 Post Licensing classes. Classes that provide value and an excellent return. Thank you Lane and Aneka, good friendships which will just continue to grow

  - D.P. (5/2015)


"So you want to be in Real Estate... First you need a solid foundation. I am writing to recommend Carolina School of Real Estate (CSRE) as that foundation toward a new career as a Real Estate professional. I have graduated from this school and attended because it was one of a small group of schools offering a weekend program. This was important as I still needed to work a full-time job as I pursued my real estate license.

During my attendance, I observed that instructors are willing to share real experiences to impart both theoretical and applied knowledge and create an excellent classroom environment. CSRE contributed immensely to our class by developing us beyond the core curriculum and providing instructional support which we needed in this pursuit. The Director, Lane Young, was also keenly involved and helpful in recognizing learning obstacles and then suggesting materials to help students overcome them. I found the staff to not only be instructors but also mentors that I can still call on now that I am working full time as a broker.

Every aspect of CSRE is innovative to say the least; instruction, assessment, interaction, communication, documentation, administration and classroom management are just some of the areas of expertise as far as instruction is concerned. I am confident that Carolina School of Real Estate will contribute effectively to your real estate career goals so sign up today. Your future in real estate is waiting."

  - JT (2/2015)

"I finished your course in December, 2014, took the State exam on January 6, 2015; AND PASSED!!!! I appreciate your interest, candor and assistance during my training and I must admit it was helpful… The exam is MUCH harder than I expected and proper training is an absolute for success. Aneka, my instructor was fun, but made sure that candidates comprehended the material as opposed to merely parroting it back. It’s a good course… Thanks again.."

  - C.K. (1/2015)

"Being married to a professor, I know when a teacher enjoys being a teacher. Wendy Butler enjoys being a teacher. She was always prompt to class and engaged us in funny stories of her own, making the material entertaining and memorable. The material was clearly presented and explained throughout the course. She’s got a great sense of humor and kept us laughing (and learning!). I highly recommend Carolina School of Real Estate & Wendy Butler as a course instructor!"

  - Cathy (11/2014)

"It is totally worth the sacrifice! I'm not going to sugar coat it... you have to put in the work and the time to pass both the class and State/National exams. I will say, I had a really great instructor that took the time to give us real life example and we role played (which made it more memorable). He was thorough in explaining information, answered our questions and made himself available outside of class time. Word of advice, take advantage of any additional study materials Carolina School of Real Estate has to offer (dvds, tutors, flash cards, etc...), they helped me." If you seeking a career in real estate, Carolina School of Real Estate is the place to start."

  - Carol (11/2014)

"I passed the state exam today on my first try! The class was well paced and the instructor made sure he stayed focused on pertinent material we needed to understand in order to complete the math formulas."

  - Roberta (11/2014)

"Attending class at the Carolina School of Real Estate was a very challenging and rewarding experience. The class work was presented in such a manner that students could understand the material. The support and encouragement that Lane and Dennis and other staff members offered was invaluable. I highly recommend the Carolina School of Real Estate to all those who are looking to start a new career."

  - Mike (10/2014)

"From the first day of class I always felt our instructor and the school had the students best interests in mind. We were always encouraged to ask questions in class and most importantly our instructor always made sure that each and every one of our questions were answered. I am looking forward to taking my post licensing classes with Carolina School of Real Estate!"

  - Kristie (09/2014)