Your Guide to North Carolina Real Estate Post-Licensing Requirements

By Brent White


So, you have passed your pre-licensing course work and the North Carolina Real Estate exam! Congratulations! What comes next?


While you may think that your hard work and studying is over, you still have much to learn that will help you in your new profession as a Licensed North Carolina Real Estate Agent and will help you to graduate from a provisional license to a full broker.


The North Carolina Real Estate Commission requires that Provisional Brokers complete all 3 Post-Licensing courses within 18 months of initial licensure to retain eligibility to actively engage in real estate brokerage. Each Post-Licensing course is 30-hours in length and covers essential information that you will need in your career.


At Carolina School of Real Estate, we recommend that you take your North Carolina Post- Licensing courses soon after passing your state exam and becoming a provisional broker. The material you learn in these courses is quite important, and the courses take some time, so you do not want to leave them for the last minute. To help you with this goal, we offer a special package price for customers who purchase all three Post-Licensing Courses at once of $650 for all three classes including the textbook!


Here is a brief summary of what you learn in each of the Post-Licensing required courses. You may take them in any order, so long as all three are completed within the 18 month deadline.


Post 301: Broker Relationships and Responsibilities
This course entails a review of agency relationships (in real estate residential and commercial sales and commercial property management transactions), a real estate broker’s legal duties to clients and customers, a step-by-step review and discussion of the functions and responsibilities of a real estate broker when working with sellers and buyers, a review of issues associated with transactions in progress when a broker leaves a firm, and a review of license status and education issues.


Post 302: Contracts and Closing
The topics addressed in this course include selected basic contract law concepts, real estate sales contract preparation, sales contract procedures, buyer’s due diligence, closing procedures, Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, closing disclosure preparation, contracts for deed, options, and selected real estate license status and education issues.


Post 303: NC Law, Rules, and Legal Concepts
This course covers North Carolina licensing requirements, brokerage compensation issues, the disciplinary process, specialized types of real estate, property management in NC, and miscellaneous NC laws and legal concepts.


We wish you continued success on your real estate path. To take your post-licensing class with Carolina School of Real Estate, you can register today at and click on the post- licensing tab or call Lane Young at 336-391-2910. Our customers rave about our instructors for a reason. Our engaging educators make the process fun and effective! We hope you will choose Carolina School of Real Estate for your Post-Licensing coursework.